KITE Launches Career Guide
Thursday, 19 April 2012 19:28

As part of the project dubbed Empowering Ghanaians to Fully Participate in the Emerging Petroleum Industry and Fostering Greater Grassroot Participation in the Development of Frontier Oil and Gas Communities, KITE organized an event to launch a comprehensive Oil and Gas Career Guide and demonstrated the usage of a user-friendly Excel-based financial model. This event took place on the 19th April, 2012 at Stepri,Accra. The event attracted the Government, Members of Parliament, Civil Society Organization (CSOs), media, Multinational Companies, etc.

The Oil and Gas Career Guide contain information on the type of occupations in the industry, job responsibilities and requisite skill-set, educational and training requirements that typically qualifies someone for employment, career development paths, typical salaries, etc, will also be a useful resource to professionals seeking career changes.

The user-friendly Excel-based financial model can be used by all civil society actors and members of parliament to authenticate the correctness or otherwise of oil revenues figures published by the government.



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